Faith. What a short word, yet we unpack it and find a world of meaning—a world we didn’t even know existed. And as we look deeper and deeper into it, we realize that there really is no end to its significance.

Faith isn’t passive. It doesn’t just stand still in a crowd waiting for someone else to make the first move. It doesn’t wait around—it moves when no one else will. It is active. It is constantly advancing, searching for new truths. And this faith, it is strong. It holds on even when the waves crash over and over and over again. Even when the dungeon shuts out every last ray of light, it keeps it hold. It simply will not. let. go.

Oh, Lord, this faith. How I want it.

I ask myself the question: “Why can’t you just have faith?” My answer echoes through the stillness and bounces off the walls: “Because it is hard.”

As pathetic as that answer is, it is true—but that does not mean it is impossible. However, as fallen human beings, we have become content with accepting that the impossible is simply that: impossible.

Oh yes, it worked for David, Daniel, and Enoch, but it just will not work for me.

Yet there is still something in our weak hearts that longs for it to be true. We crave the peace that comes from being accepted by God, and that is just what we need—God’s peace, deep and abiding. A peace that will fulfill every desire and plea. A peace that will assure us of our acceptance with God.

But what we so often do not realize is that this peace is a gift that is so lovingly offered to us by God. We do not have to wrestle it away from His hand. All we have to do is reach out and grasp it.

We repent. We confess. We consecrate. We ask for the cleansing and the new heart that only God can give. And then? We believe.

But the best part is that our belief does not have to be blind like so many other religions. It is not just arbitrary acceptance. We have something to base it on—actually, multiple things. And these things, they are not whimsical. They are solid foundations that will never fail. What are they?

God’s promises.

God’s promises are for us, if we only believe. Jesus taught this lesson as He sojourned on this earth. As He moved from town to town, He healed the disease and lame, but He could only heal them if they had faith in His power. Faith=Healing.

Through Jesus healing, He helped people in the things that they could clearly see with their eyes, and this inspired them to have faith in the things that they could not see. This led them to believe God’s power to forgive sins.

As we read the simple accounts of Jesus’ healing, we learn how to believe in His power to forgive our own sins.

The paralytic at Bethesda is a perfect example of this. From all appearances, the man was utterly helpless. How would you feel if you had not been able to move your appendages for 38 years?

But Jesus loves working with the impossible.

In seven simple words, Christ offered the invalid what no man was able to give: complete healing.

The man could have doubted. He could have been like so many of us today and denied Christ’s healing power. But, no, he simply obeyed Christ’s command, accepted His gift of healing, and made a decided effort to walk. God gave His word, the paralytic had faith in and acted on it, and he was made whole.

We are sinners, but we have hope. Christ promises to do the same for us.

What a concept! One that so many of us find way too radical, but in reality, how could it be more simple?

Believe, confess, give yourself to God, and will to serve Him. We have the promise. It is fulfilled if we believe. Do not wait to feel it.

God is longing for us with a passion no man can comprehend. Do. not. draw. back.

And you know what is so beautiful? God loves when we come to Him in our weak, sinful state. He longs to strip us of our filthy garments and replace them with His pure robe of righteousness.

Every longing in our little hearts for something more is God’s spirit lovingly drawing us. He is waiting, waiting so very patiently, to welcome us into His arms of love.

Have faith—His promises are yours, and He longs for you, too. Will you reach out and grasp His hand today?

“Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water. Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering: (for He is faithful that promised).” – Hebrews 10:22-23