Welcome to the SA Blog 2018! This is a place where students are able to share with their fellow students snapshots of their journey of knowing God more. Keep reading to find out the theme of our blog for this academic year!

Life in college—as some of you are most likely experiencing by now—can very easily reach an uncontrollable level of busyness. There are weeks where your to-do list can feel as long as the essay you need to write for English I, not even to mention the days when you don’t even have time to make a to-do list of everything you need to accomplish. We’ve all been there, and most likely will reach that point again in the coming months. In these times of stress, it almost seems too natural for us to neglect to reach out to God. We begin to major in the minors of Christianity and put what should be the first things in the last place of priority. The purpose we’ve envisioned for the SA blog this year is to provide accountability for our student body, reminding us to evaluate the direction in which we are stepping. 

Yes, that was the word I intended to put at the end of that sentence. I’m not talking about the number of steps we may gain while walking around the loop each day or the number of steps it may take you to solve your Precalculus homework. I’m talking about where we—both as a student body and individually—are going. Each “step” that we take is either leading us closer to Christ or farther away from Him. Where are we really going?

Somedays I think it is easy for us to zoom in so far to our daily lives that we make our only goal the degree we’re pursuing, or even just the next exam we are studying for. I know, personally, it’s easy to lose a grasp on my life goals, the true purpose of my education, and especially on the reason for my relationship with Christ. I don’t want to live this year frantically jumping from one due-date to the next. I want to make consistent, purposeful steps toward my goal of knowing Christ more.

So the concept behind this year’s blog is simple. It’s all about reminding us where we’re stepping—where we are going. Each blog post, posted a couple of times throughout the month, will be centered on each chapter of Ellen White’s timeless classic, Steps to Christ. These won’t just be a copy and pasted version of what she wrote in her chapters, but a real-life reflection from a student and their perspective of the concept Ellen White outlines in her chapter.

Our first official post reflecting on the first chapter of Steps to Christ, God’s Love for Man, will be posted this coming Sunday, September 9! Stay tuned!