Art Club:

If you are interested in learning how to develop artistically for the glory of God, Art Club is the place for you! We will be holding creative space meetings for beginners to advanced individuals on a weekly basis. In the weekly meeting, you will have the opportunity to learn basic art skills, work on collaborative art projects, or simply work on your own projects with artistic individuals. On a few weekends during the semester, we will also hold field trips to go out and enjoy the landscape in a whole new way! We are looking forward to doing art with you!

Gardening Club:

The gardening club is an agriculturally focused group of awesome people who farm at the Weimar greenhouses from now until February. Each group in the club picks the amount of land they would like to garden, enabling each person to adapt the gardening club to their schedule. The club also presents opportunities to learn about agriculture in occasional group meetings. At the end of the year, the garden club will host a harvest party around the end of February.

Pre-Med Club:

Pre-Med Club is a community of young students who aspire to be medical doctors. We provide resources for getting into medical school, shadowing opportunities, networking with physicians, and social events. This year we have exciting endeavors like setting up a mentorship program where you can have a physician of your interest help guide you on your medical journey. Sign up today so you can be a part of our members-only events!

Running Club:

The goal of the running club is to promote health and wellness among the student body. Joining this club is a fantastic opportunity for students to socially engage with others while getting adequate physical exercise. The club meets twice a week on Sundays and Thursdays an hour before breakfast. There are three different levels in the club which cater to the fitness level of the members: fast, medium, and slow. Club members will get free gear and entrance for the Weimar Institute 10k trail race on November 8th. 

If you are interested in joining one of these clubs, email