Imagine this with me. Imagine that there was a young king. This king had a special interest in ants. He had a huge ant farm with thousands of different types of ants that thrived under his care. He knew each ant, and every day he would visit his ant garden; he loved spending time with them. Well, one morning, as he was visiting his little insect friends, he found out that one of his ants had gotten sick and was about to die. The king was heart-broken, and after much thought, decided that he would turn into an ant to heal his little friend.

Okay. Most of you are probably thinking that this stupid story does not make sense at all. You’re right, it does not. But, let me remind you of this, just as the king stooped from being a king to an insect—that is lower than an animal—Jesus condescended from being a God to a human, something lower than the angels (Hebrews 2:7). The logical mind cannot grasp it, because it does not make sense – unless LOVE is involved. Mrs. White wrote that understanding the love of God will have a subduing power on the soul and will bring the mind to the captivity of the will of God.

Yet, how many of our souls are completely subdued, and how many of our minds are completely captive to the will of God? This is because of a lack of understanding God’s love. The true understanding of the love of God is a subject of eternal study, however, God has given us things in life, that represents just a tiny speck of His infinite love. A wife’s heart is warm when her husband brings her on a surprise trip to the Swiss Alps—what about the God that created the Swiss Alps? A man sees love in his favorite dish that was prepared by his wife— what about the God that created our food and taste buds? Although she was far from perfect, my father saw the love of my grandmother as she toiled day and night to put 9 children through school by selling street foods—what about the Jesus that toiled night and day for the salvation of people that spat in His face? You might love your favorite person on this earth, but what about the God that created that person? You get the idea. Many times, we love the gifts more that the Creator, and that is spiritual short-sightedness.  

My challenge to you this week is to see the world through the lens of God’s love and to see the love of God through His gifts, which ultimately is the gift of Jesus. Let’s start with the little gifts that we can see around us everyday.

-Chen Zhen Yew