First of all, we love you. (And we miss you something fierce so come visit soon, okay?)

For the past couple of weeks we have seen a little bit of the journey you are taking in your battle against Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. There’s a power in this world that is unmatched and undefeated. That power is the testimony of someone who refuses to believe anything but that God is still good as they walk through fire.

Maggie, you have faced giants, but not alone. You have shown us how faith is faith—whether it feels feeble or firm—and it’s okay to feel feeble sometimes. You have shown us your courage, downright bravery, and vulnerable fear. You have shown us your beautiful, joyful, and sometimes tearful smile. And you have refused to believe anything but that God is still good. You possess this power, Maggie.

We know that there are easier days and there are harder days— and we just want you to know (during both) that you have a whole school of friends who are praying for you, and with you.

These are our little tokens of faith, grown from the seeds of the fruit we see in you.


Your Weimar Friends